2018 Workshop Descriptions

We have been approved for 6 Cultural Competency CECs  
All the workshops except "Out Among the Civilians" and "Being Trans and #Me Too" approved for CECs

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1) Workshop Title: Advocating for LGBTQI Rights in the Workplace
Presenter: Jeri Beckford, JD
Workshop Description:  
1. Clarify LGBTQI Rights in the Workplace Under
a. Federal Law 
b. Connecticut State Law
c. Employer Policy
2. Advocating for LGBTQI Rights in the Workplace
a. Your HR Department
b. Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
c. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
3. Remedies Available

2) Workshop Title: All In the Family: Interventions Designed to Increase Trans Inclusion in Diverse Families
Presenter: Laurie Bonjo & Brenden Garcia
Workshop Description: This workshop will provide basic information for educators, administrators, and school support staff about supporting trans/nonbinary youth in schools. Participants will learn about common barriers encountered by trans/nonbinary youth in K-12 schools and will learn about the powerful impact that family acceptance has on trans/nonbinary youth. Presenters will offer step-by-step, user-friendly strategies to help families learn about their trans/nonbinary child, demonstrate acceptance of their trans/nonbinary child, and build relationships with other families with trans/nonbinary youth. We will discuss ways for school professionals to build an open and accepting school climate where trans/nonbinary youth are safe and able to thrive. 
Workshop objectives:
1. Learn common barriers encountered by trans/nonbinary youth.
2. Learn about the protective impact of family acceptance on trans/nonbinary youth.
3. Learn ways to support diverse families’ efforts to embrace trans/nonbinary youth

3) Workshop: Being Trans and #MeToo
Presenter: Rev. Moonhawk River Stone
Workshop Description: Transgender people are often invisible within larger social issues. The current movement to bring justice to those who have experienced sexual harassment and or sexual assault at the workplace by men in positions of power can deny the reality of trans experience. Our bodies, our sexuality and our transitions are often very complex as is our relationship to them. Lost in the #MeToo movement are the realities that trans people have been victims of such crimes pre, post, and during transition adding to the complexity of not only what happened but the transgender person’s experience of what happened. How do we talk about this within the larger conversation? How do we tell our stories so they are heard, respected, honored and made visible? How do we create a community of healing and grace? This workshop will be a caring, sensitive safety building space for the discussion of trans and #MeToo and hopefully for healing. Due to the sensitive nature of the workshop, no one will be admitted under 18 years old.
1. The workshop will give participants an opportunity to discuss their experiences of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault in the workplace. 
2. Participants will be given unconditional positive regard and compassion and feedback as they wish. 
3. Participants will leave with a sense of community, hope and resolve

4) Workshop: Be the CHANGE - Be an ALLY
Presenter: Kathleen Harding
Workshop Description: This workshop will address how to transform the culture of your agency by reducing bias, cultivating allies and increasing opportunities for education and open discussion.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Identify 7 strategies for cultivating allies within your organization. 
2. Increase knowledge of how to identify and address the education/training needs of your organization in the areas of reducing bias, cultural humility, burden of historic stigma.
3. Communication Plans - leave with a clear communication plan that addresses needs.

5) Workshop: The Critical Need for Transgender Friendly Picture Books for Young Children
Presenter: Elizabeth Rowell & Thomas Goodkind 
Workshop Description: The importance of working with young children to promote transgender understanding throughout their lives will be emphasized.  An interactive PowerPoint with video clips will be used to provide a background for discussion and small group role playing. With many of the transgender gains made with President Obama being challenged, more transgender people of all ages are being bullied and this enhanced mistreatment will be discussed.  The findings of the Human Rights Campaign regarding how adults learn about and become more supportive of transgender people will be shared and how innovative ways are needed to help young children become transgender understanding and supportive, including the use of transgender friendly picture books in meaningful ways in schools and home.  Problems obtaining these books and types that are needed to be created will be discussed. 
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Know that if young children are upset by the tone of voices heard when Transgender people are being bullied on the news media, read to them one of these books.
2. Understand how to obtain & use different transgender picture books and write to publishers about special books needed.
3. Find ways to get these books into libraries and schools.

6) Workshop Title: Discrimination Self Care: If, How, & When to Respond
Presenter: Ari Leigh
Workshop Description: This workshop provides tools to identify when discrimination has occurred, along with exploring the different ways someone can respond to it (within themselves and in their community). Recognizing that every person and situation is unique, our discussion presumes that everyone has the right to set their own boundaries in the activist work of discrimination response. Our goal is to offer tools, conversation, and space to help participants decide which ways of responding to discrimination will best suit their individual needs and goals. While focusing on discrimination that impacts the transgender community, we take an intersectional approach, realizing that discrimination is often based on multiple factors. This workshop is open to people of all (a)genders, regardless of their experience or familiarity with discrimination and the systems behind it.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Identify micro and macroaggressions and recognize how they build on each other.
2. Know several options which can be used to respond to discrimination.
3. Have tools to assess which intervention(s) are healthiest for themselves and their community.

7) Workshop Title: “Do”s and “Don’t”s of Filing Complaints with Schools
Presenter: Margot Margarones & William Howe
Workshop Description: Incidences of bias in schools have dramatically increased in the last year. Dealing with them can be frustrating and emotionally challenging for both schools and families. It is not uncommon for both parties to be unfamiliar with how to handle such situations. A veteran state civil rights compliance officer and a parent/ educator activist discuss effective ways to work with school districts to resolve complaints about bullying and harassment. In particular, a listing of effective and non-effective strategies will be outlined. Actual case scenarios will be used as illustrations. A set of guidelines and procedures will be provided along with a list of various agencies and supporting organizations. This session should be of interest to parents, students, school officials and advocates.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Understand civil rights laws as it pertains to education.
2. Learn effective means of filing complaints.
3. Learn common mistakes made in filing complaints

8) Workshop Title: Family Through A Gender Transition
Presenter: Rev. Moonhawk Stone
Workshop Description: When someone comes to understand their Trans* nature, and begins the process of disclosure to loved ones and family members, everyone transitions. Partners may suddenly find themselves at odds or a relationship that was toddling along in denial of some of its issues may suddenly derail. How do we stay engaged? Remain in loving connection while going through difficult times? How do we work it out if there are young children involved. This workshop will engage participants to thoughtful reflection, skill building and loving conversation to work through the changes that a gender transition can bring no matter the outcome of the relationship or the transition.
Workshop Objectives:
1.     Participants will do a mini relationship evaluation to clarify some of their strengths and challenges as a couple. 
2.     Participants will learn some communication techniques for having respectful conversations about the changes they are facing. 
3.     Participants will learn how to stay connected with their loved one while each is changing.

9) Workshop Title: How To Successfully Transition in Your Employment: A Best Practices Model for the Trumpsian Times
Presenter: Rev. Moonhawk River Stone
Workshop Description: This workshop will take the participant through the entire process of transitioning on the job in a practical step by step model, newly revised, that he has been using successfully for over 15 years. Some of the areas covered include coming out, legal issues, developing a program to fit one's individual workplace, how to approach non-binary concerns in workplace transition, resolving bathroom issues and the latest updates on Title VII.
1. Participants will learn step by step how to proceed with a workplace transition 
2. Participants will have their individual questions answered about specific workplace situations. 
3. Participants will gain empowerment from being able to access a successful process

10) Workshop Title: Insurance Equality for Transgender People: How to Exercise Your Rights to Get the Care that You Need
Presenter: Charlie Arrowood
Workshop Description: How do I know if my health insurance will cover trans-related care? What do I do if there is an explicit exclusion in my plan? How do I challenge a denial of facial surgery or breast augmentation that the insurance company said is “cosmetic”? What should be in my therapist letter? How can I find trans-friendly insurance? This session will explain the difference between denials due to medical necessity vs. due to an explicit exclusion or a gender-marker mismatch. We will go over the different appeals processes and how to prepare for them, including how providers can be most helpful in this process. Finally, we will discuss your legal options if the appeals process doesn’t work as well as how to advocate for policy changes with an employer or school.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Participants will understand how different types of insurance come with different legal rights.
2. Participants will understand the latest federal and state protections prohibiting discrimination in insurance.
3. Participants will learn what steps to take when an insurance denial is received.

11) Workshop: No Longer Lost in The Shuffle: Being Disabled and Trans
Presenter: Rev. Moonhawk River Stone
Workshop Description: This facilitated group discussion is open to all, but is intended to be a space for people with disabilities to discuss a broad cross section of issues from how our identities as trans people intersect with our being disabled. How do we integrate those two into our well being, especially when interacting with various health care providers? We will explore what the concept of access means in broad political social justice terms and explore how the transgender civil rights/human rights movement has/has not made space for those who are disabled. We will explore what it means to be disabled in a world obsessed with denial of those who are disabled and how we, as disabled trans people, struggle to be confident, self-assured human beings in the face of these challenges.
1. Participants will increase their sensitivity toward the complexity of disability and being trans. 
2. Participants will learn the concept of access as it relates to social justice and disability. 
3. Participants will have an opportunity to become empowered as being disabled and trans or as allies to disabled trans people.

12) Workshop Title: Overcoming Challenges in Transgender Healthcare: A Consumer Perspective
Presenter: Kathleen Harding
Workshop Description: A panel discussion with consumers who serve on Community Health Center's (CHC) Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) about the challenges for Transgender individuals in obtaining healthcare and proven strategies to overcome them. CHC has been providing healthcare to the LGBTQ population for many years and recently completed a two year participation in a Learning Collaborative around transgender health. Throughout this process we used our CAB to identify strengths and weaknesses in our programs and utilized a "lessons learned" model to propel changes in healthcare delivery for our transgender population. This main component of the panel will be made up of CAB members who have directly experienced healthcare delivery and been responsible for the advocacy and changes to that delivery. Some lessons learned included suggestions about environment of care, check in processes and printed materials.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Participant will have knowledge of Consumer Driven Best Practices in Transgender healthcare.
2. Participant will have a working knowledge of Lessons Learned from a primary care practice transformation to exceptional transgender healthcare.
3. Participant will learn the value of a Consumer Advisory Board in guiding the direction of healthcare programs for the LGBTQ population and specifically the transgender population

13) Workshop Title: Out among the Civilians
Presenter: Stana Horzepa
Workshop Description: The purpose of this workshop is to teach and encourage male-to-female crossdressers to escape from fantasyland and experience the real world as females.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. To successfully transition male-to-female crossdressers out of the closet and into the sunlight where they can blossom as women. 
2. To evangelize the normality of crossdressing. 
3. To show that crossdressing is not necessarily a prelude to hormones and surgery, nor does it preclude a "normal" family life.

14) Workshop Title: PFLAG Hartford Teens Speak Out
Presenter: Laura Williams
Workshop Description: In this workshop there will be a panel of transgender and non-binary teens speaking about their journey through transition and the challenges that society presents to them. Each teen will give a brief introduction of themselves and their story which will then be followed by a question and answer session with the audience.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to be an advocate and ally to the transgender youth of today. Laura Williams, President, PFLAG will moderate.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Learn the challenges transgender teens face in school, family and society. 
2. Understand the importance of support from family and organizations like PFLAG. 
3. Learn how to be an ally for transgender teens in everyday life.

15) Workshop Title: Protection against Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Expression in Connecticut and Discrimination Complaint Process at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
Presenter: Alix Simonetti & Robin Fox
Workshop Description: The workshop will include the identification and highlights of various laws in Connecticut that provide protection against discrimination on the basis of Gender Identity or Expression (e.g. in the areas of employment, housing, public accommodation, bullying, discrimination). This will include an update on the conversion therapy law and Governor Malloy's Executive Order No. 56 and the CT DoE Guidance.  The workshop will also include information regarding what a person, who has suffered unlawful discrimination, needs to do to file a discrimination complaint.  We will discuss the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) complaint process.  
Workshop Objectives:
1. Brief review of discrimination law and bullying law and any respective developments
2. Prohibited conduct
3. How to file complaints and the complaint process 

16) Workshop Title: Similarities and Differences Between Intersex and Trans People
Presenter: Er. Andrea V. Boisseau CPS & Nick K. Chaleunphone
Workshop Description: We will mainly talk about the similarities and differences between Intersex and trans people highlighting the medical and some of the legal differences. At the same time talk about what it's like being the only known intersex person in the USCG.
Workshop Objectives: The members will have a better understanding of the differences and similarities between intersex and trans gender people as it relates to medical and the law.

17) Workshop Title: Stronger Together: Reclaiming Ourselves by Revisiting Our Unmet Needs
Presenter: Paul Levatino, LMFT
Workshop Description: During this workshop, based on the clinical work of Pia Melody, participants will learn how essential parts of self that were unacknowledged and uncultivated in past situations impact our current sense of self, identity, feelings of worth. This workshop will leave attendees with exercises designed to foster internal strength and self-worth.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Understand how societal expectations impact healthy identity formation and feelings of self-worth.
2. Explore how to integrate and blend internal parts of the self to increase healthy identity formation and self-esteem.
3. Learn a model and skills that foster healthy human development.

18) Workshop Title: Trans Discrimination and the Fight for Housing Justice
Presenters: Fionnuala Darby-Hudgens and James Dresser
Workshop Description: After years of organized effort Connecticut law was changed in 2011 to make it illegal to discriminate in housing based on a person's gender identity or expression, but the trans community's fight for housing justice is far from over.  This workshop will begin with an overview of fair housing laws with a focus on state and federal legal protections for trans people in permanent housing and in shelters.  The remainder of the session will provide a space for folks to share experiences and ask questions, to identify housing issues commonly faced by the trans community, and to develop legal and non-legal strategies for working toward housing equality.
1. Participants will be able to identify fair housing law on the state and federal level for transgender people.
2. Participants will be able to identify protections for trans* people.
3. Participants will be able to identify strategies for working towards housing equality

19) Workshop Title: Transgender Healthcare and Insurance Access: Contextualizing the Importance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for Trans-Inclusive Healthcare
Presenter: Timothy Bussey
Workshop Description: Learn about the importance of the Affordable Cart Act (ACA) regarding access to trans-inclusive healthcare and insurance plans. By the end of the Obama administration, the Dept. of Health and Human Services interpreted Section 1557 of the ACA to be inclusive of non-discrimination provisions relating to gender identity and expression. However, there have been recent concerns about the Trump administration and the possibility of new guidance/interpretation by HHS. This timely presentation will leave attendees with key knowledge about federal protections for transgender persons’ healthcare and insurance access, while also leaving room to discuss impacts that the Trump administration’s Secretary of HHS may have on this developing concern.
Workshop Objectives:
1. Understand the importance of the ACA in relation to trans-inclusive healthcare and insurance plans
2. Explore how the Trump administration may undermine Obama-era non-discrimination measures for transgender persons' healthcare and insurance access
3. Discuss the importance of trans-inclusive non-discrimination provisions at the federal level

20)vWorkshop Title: Trans Health NOW: Health Concerns Beyond Hormones
Presenter: Dr. A.C. Demidont 
Workshop Description: Trans people can have any number of health concerns outside of accessing hormone therapy, surgical care, and mental health. As more providers begin to understand the intricacies of hormone therapy, many still neglect to cover the basic health needs of their Trans patients. In this workshop, you will learn how to take care of your whole self and learn about some of the specific health concerns Trans people may have. We will also address the best ways to stay sexually healthy and empowered as a Trans person and how to advocate for your sexual health at the doctor’s office. Knowing your body is the first step towards advocating for yourself within the healthcare system.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Understand unique primary health care needs of Trans and Gender Nonconforming patients
2. Understand the role of primary care providers in the overall care for transgender individuals
3. Understand how primary care providers can act as advocates for the healthcare of transgender individuals

21) Workshop Title: Transgender Individuals and Incarceration
Presenter: Rosa Lee Klaneski
Workshop Description: Transgender individuals are treated very differently than cisgender individuals in both the jurisprudence as well as within the department of corrections. Though an act concerning discrimination went in effect in 2011, the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections current policy is to house transgender women as men, leading to harassment, abuse, and even rape. This workshop will facilitate a discussion on how we can best advocate for transwoman who need to be incarcerated.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Understand the autocratic patriarchal hegemony
2. Understanding the intake process 
3. What to expect inside

22) Workshop Title: Transgender Youth: Puberty Suppression, Support, and Building a Program
Presenter: AJ Eckert
Workshop Description: Discussion of puberty suppression options and outcomes; support for trans* pediatric and adolescent populations; front-line staff training regarding trans* youth; what you can do as a healthcare professional; and the trans* patient intake.
Workshop Objectives
1. Understand the healthcare issues facing the transgender community.
2. Learn about puberty suppression treatment and outcomes.
3. Create a safe space for your LGBTQ+ patients.

23) Workshop Title: Troubles Within Our Rainbow: Trans, Genderqueer, and Non-Binary Students in Schools
Presenter: Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., Kylar Maldonado & Emerson Mason Cheney 
Workshop Description: Transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary students in K-12 schools have added challenges and stressors due to transphobia and discrimination. At this workshop, GLSEN Connecticut chapter leaders Kylar Maldonado, Emerson Mason Cheney, and Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., will discuss some of the barriers facing trans students, including misgendering, bathroom discrimination, and bullying/harassment. We'll also discuss strategies and share GLSEN resources for being a better ally to trans, genderqueer, and non-binary students.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Learn about GLSEN/GLSEN Connecticut as well as educational trans-specific resources. 
2. Discuss transphobia as well as anti-LGBTQ bullying/harassment in a safe, nonjudgmental space.
3. Identify specific tools and methods for making schools safe, affirming, and inclusive for trans students.

24) Workshop Title: The Vital Role of Religion, Faith, and Spirituality in the Health and Well-being of Transgender People
Presenter: Rev. Aaron Miller
Workshop Description: Religious fundamentalism and extremism has become an increasingly dominant voice and continues to shape the culture’s view of religion. Common perception holds that religion is directly connected with exclusion and judgment, especially with regard to variations in sexuality and gender identity.  This has resulted in many trans people feeling alienated from religion and faith communities that can provide a sense of belonging, be a source of hope, and a place where we can discover greater purpose and meaning in our lives. As religion and spirituality are often seen as interchangeable terms, this alienation can cause us to separate from our spirituality, an essential part of who we are. In this workshop we will explore the positive role that religion, faith, and spiritual practice can have in the lives of trans people as a pathway to better health and well-being.  Join us for a time of openness...and perhaps discover a way to a fuller and healthier life.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Understand the effects of religious oppression and discrimination against the transgender community
2. Learn the difference between religion and spirituality
3. Discover positive ways to explore spirituality through religion, faith, and spiritual practice

25) Workshop Title: When We Became Nonbinary
Presenter: Dallas Denny
Workshop Description: If a moment can be fixed when our movement became nonbinary, it happened in early 1991, with the publication of Holly Boswell's article "The Transgender Alternative" in the trans publications TV-TS Tapestry Journal and Chrysalis Quarterly. Holly made a case for departing from binary gender norms and establishing personal gender identities that might or might not depart from the male/female binary. It was a shot across the bow of established thinking, and the reaction of the still young trans community was quick and dramatic and affirming. In the space of a single year anthropologist Anne Bolin, who in the mid-1980s had documented established "career paths" in her study of transpeople, described what she called a Splendor of Gender when she attended a trans conference in Atlanta, GA.
Workshop Objectives: 
1. Learn about nonbinary gender identities
2. Discover how transgender identities have evolved over past decades
3. Learn how our community has reacted to binary male-female gender norms