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The 2022 Transgender Lives Conference on April 30, 2022 will provide important educational opportunities on topics important to the transgender community and the professionals who serve this community. You can support this effort through advertising, by becoming a sponsor or by making a scholarship donation.

We will need your ads by April 15th

Sponsorship: There are sponsorship opportunities that may entitle the sponsor to complementary advertising, complementary admissions to the conference, priority vendor space, and other considerations.

  • Platinum: $1000 and up (Includes vendor table, display your banner, premium full page ad, 6 complimentary admissions)

  • Gold: $500 - $999 (Includes vendor table, display your banner, full page ad, and 4 complimentary admissions.)

  • Silver: $250-$499 (Includes vendor table,half page ad, 2 complimentary admissions.)

Advertising Opportunities: There are opportunities to advertise your organization through the conference while demonstrating your support. A Program Book is distributed to each attendee of the conference and this guide is available for download from the conference website. Exhibit tables are available for $150 and any advertiser may display a banner in the lobby during the conference. Advertisements must be received by April 15th in order to secure print ad space.

Vendor tables:

  • Table $150

The most traffic though the vendor area is in the morning before the opening "Welcoming Remarks" and at lunch. Like all conference the attendees are in workshops most of the time. Lunch is not provided for the vendors.


The ads are Full Color and we accept .jpg, .pdf, and .doc formats. You can also mail your ad to us at our P.O. Box listed below. Deadline for the ads is April 15th.

  • Full Page (8.5" tall x 5.5” wide): $175

  • Half Page (4.25" tall x 5.5" wide): $90

  • Quarter Page (4 ⅜" tall x 3 ⅛" wide): $50

Scholarship Fund: The Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition (CTAC) offers scholarships that allow those in financial need to attend the Transgender Lives conference. Please consider making a contribution to the scholarship fund.

Please respond early but no later than April 15th. Electronic copy can be emailed to vu@transadvocacy.org and attach ad copy in doc, pdf, or jpg formats. Please consult for other formats.

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We will need your ads by April 15th

Paypal (Enter the amount for the Sponsorship or Ad or Table or Scholarship) or make checks out to CTAC and send them to the address below.

Mail checks to:


P.O. Box 575

Hartford, CT 06141